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The best Facebook alternative for Android

Maki for Facebook & Twitter

You need a light Facebook app that works fast and stable with awesome functionality, including quick access to Facebook anywhere, colorful themes and power saving mode. Maki does this. And even more. Share emotions with friends and get notifications from them with Maki - the best Facebook wrapper app.

Everything for Telegram


As you can know, Telegram is the fastest and most protected messenger for Android. But you still got some problems with searching new interesting channels, bots, and stickers for this great app. Until now. Eva will help you to find a lot of new cool stuff for Telegram, including thousands of stickers, bots, and channels.

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Life hacks for every day life


Every day we doing different kinds of things and waste a lot of time for it. But we never think that we can do it more comfortable and faster. Smart created to help you find a lot of amazing life hacks to make your life even better in different ways - from health care to saving money.


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